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                    The Metaphorical Gospel Theory

Erick Nelson
July, 2003 version 1.0
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              "There is no virtue in being clever
if by being clever you are merely being wrong." - LaSor

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A.  Abstract and Introduction
  My Purposes for this Article  
  Requirements of a Sound Theory  
B.  A Careful Definition of the Theory
  Defining Characteristics  
  Metaphor and Fact  
  Six Options  
  Definiteness of Articulation  
C.  Three Scholars Who Hold It
John Shelby Spong
  Marcus Borg  
  John Dominic Crossan  
D.  Significance
  Truth and Faith  
  What Does it Matter?  
E.  Evidence in Favor of MG
  Direct and Indirect Evidence  
  Appeal to Authority  
Alleged Contradictions
  Theory Intersection  
  Resurrection in Paul  
F.  Internal Evidence Opposing MG
Evaluating the Internal Evidence
  Luke's Prologue  
Editorial Aside in Matthew
  John's Gospel  
  Deity in Paul  
  Resurrection in Paul  
Kerygma in Acts
  Not Made Up  
Jesus vs. Christ
  Summing up the Internal Evidence  
G.  External Evidence - The Apostolic Fathers
  The Apostolic Fathers and Their Letters  
  The Apostolic Fathers - Their Testimony  
  Summing up the External Evidence  
H.  The Literalization Process
  Spong's Account of Literalization  
I.  Responses and Conclusion
  Responses from Borg and Spong  
Conclusion: the MG Theory is False
Appendix Material
  Email Exchanges with Marcus Borg  
  Letters with Bishop Spong  
  Commentary Quotes  
  N.T. Wright Quotes  
  N.T. Wright / Marcus Borg Quotes  
  John Dominic Quotes  
  References and Resources  
Scholarly Critiques of Previous Versions
  Mark Allan Powell - Chair, Historical Jesus Section, SBL
  Charles Hill - Church Historian  











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